Updated thoughts on all of the bones projects I've listened to

2021.12.05 07:15 AssmanVr Updated thoughts on all of the bones projects I've listened to

SCRAPS: Very good, the production is as good as always
Fav song: I can't decide between CousinEddie, Quebec, and DeadEnd.
ForbiddenImage: overhyped. Bones seems absent on this.
Fav song: Bandwidth.
InLovingMemory: pretty versatile. Also I've been wondering this since it dropped, who is it in loving memory of?
Fav song: GoHardHuh (I also really like the title track and WhiteBoyRick).
BURDEN: I need to relisten to this
Fav song: Don'tTellMomTheBabysittersDead
FromBeyondTheGrave: Very very good. Easily top 5 bones
Fav track: RedAlert
REMAINS: I did not expect it to be this good
Fav track: MonsterMash or Baja
BRACE: Need to relisten to this but I don't remember it being special
Fav song: 1WayTicket (I need more shit like this)
LivingSucks: Imagine every bones tape put into an a.i. generator
Fav song: Hazardous
CARCASS: Pretty decent
Fav song: BlastZone (this song helped me get into bones)
UNRENDERED: I need to relisten to this but fuck is it good. My first bones project.
Fav song: ConnectingToServer (perfect song imo)
Skinny: might be his best and most consistent project. This is the perfect bones album. This represents him as a whole. (Easily top 5 bones)
Fav song: ShrimpPizza
PaidProgramming: I feel like I'm missing something. As far as I can see, everyone likes this, but I can't really see much of the appeal. I don't take much away after listening to it and I don't get why it's so acclaimed.
Fav song: 30DayFreeTrial
Lame: When I can laugh at an album trying to be mostly serious, that isn't a good sign for the quality of the record. This feels lazy. They could have done much more.
Fav song: Bloody Gown (It's the only song on this that sounds like they weren't sleep deprived recording it).
Caves: NOW THIS IS SOME GOOD SHIT (easily top 5 bones)
Fav song: Morning Dew, Castle Flutes, or Weather Man.
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2021.12.05 07:15 Mosh907 24th STS

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2021.12.05 07:15 DVBHolland My handsome kitty friend, Reginald. He is the sweetest cuddle buddy i have ever had.

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2021.12.05 07:15 Slethion Im glad I code raided before the nerf. I tried today with a new strat I came up with, might share soon.

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2021.12.05 07:15 DERPlaymaker Ranked!

Looking for two people that would consistently want to start running Onxy level ranked just to start off eventually me and my real life friend want to transition into doing smaller online tournaments and would love to have a skilled squad together for it let me know if anyone is interested
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2021.12.05 07:15 zierwarp He found her :)

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2021.12.05 07:15 PenaltyAccording8800 OTIUM TECH BUY CONTEST! 🤑 | Utility Token: Revolutionizing the Hotel & Tourism Industry 🏨 | Low MC at TGE: 100x Potential 🚀 | BUY $OTIUM ON PANCAKESWAP!

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2021.12.05 07:15 Grangenhocker #PACKWATCH

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2021.12.05 07:15 Umer-_-Khan Ice Combo

Hey Guys I Was Wondering If This Combo Is Any Good?
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2021.12.05 07:15 J0rri_crzy No we shall not stop

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2021.12.05 07:15 Jaymua12 Everywhere Fleece Felt Bag - Canada

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2021.12.05 07:15 ChipsAhoiMcCoy Accessibility changes for the map?

Hey dudes, I am legally blind, and am a little unable to see the map in this game unless it is set as the minimap, thanks to the dark background of the minimap mostly, but I was wondering, is it possible to make customizations to the bigger map in the game? Such as dimming the game while the big maap is opened, changing the color of the borders in the big map to be white, making the borders of the map wider / thicker, etc? Would personally love something like this, as it would help me loads. If there is an external way to do this that is legal, or or some legal modification, I would love to do something like that! Thank you very much!
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2021.12.05 07:15 AviationJeff 120hz or 1440p (WQHD+)

Since you can't really use them together at the same time, what do you guys prefer using?
View Poll
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2021.12.05 07:15 HaodySZH Hmmmmmm

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2021.12.05 07:15 waffleroom765 Pictures on husbands phone

Hi there. Im looking for some advice regarding this. Thought I’d try Reddit. My husband and I have been together for 10 years. We are both in our early 30s. We have 2 children and I’m pregnant with our 3rd. He’s been a bit distant over the last few months. I tried to just put it down to tiredness. We’ve both been exhausted with work and taking care of the family/house. Last night he fell asleep really early and though I’m not proud of it paranoia got the best of me and I decided to check through one of his phones. He has 2, one for work and one for personal use. I checked his personal phone. I didn’t find anything and feeling a bit better almost put it down when I decided to check his photos too. In these I found a screenshot taken from his work phone of a woman. The screenshot is a picture from her Facebook page. I checked his recently deleted photos and found two more of the same woman. He has kept the best photo of her in a skimpy outfit looking very much like an Insta model. I did some sleuthing on his Facebook and found that he searched specifically for her and a few other people on that day. He has only taken pictures of her and deleted his search of her from the search bar but none of the others. He did not delete his actual history. I checked through his messages/ social media wondering whether it was a case of sending her recent pic to someone maybe to say ‘wow hasn’t she changed’ or something but I found nothing. I feel sick. I think he worked with this woman when he was training for his job a few years ago and she has mutual friends of ours. She is very much his type. I find this so creepy that he’s taken pictures from her Facebook without her consent and that he’s made a conscious decision to keep that particular photo. My heads been all over wondering whether she was/ is just a crush? Something he didn’t act on and regrets? Something he did act on and wishes more came of it? I just don’t know what to think or do? The fact it’s a real person that he knows is making me feel awful. A celebrity or similar I wouldn’t have batted an eyelid at but this woman is very much real. Has anyone been through this? Or has any advice on how to handle this? Thanks!
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2021.12.05 07:15 Klutzy_Atmosphere661 ccp的思想钢印到底是什么级别的?

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2021.12.05 07:15 Maleficent_Oil5024 Dogwalkgender

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2021.12.05 07:15 Imaginary-Revenue-61 World Edit Stair Orientation

Hello! I am working with world edit currently, but I've come across an issue when testing different materials for roofs. I want to replace stair blocks, but they have different orientations. I am aware of the whole [facing] argument you can put in, but its so slow to type. Is there a way to replace stairs where the rotation is accounted for automatically?
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2021.12.05 07:15 Kinokonkon New art of my Oc

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2021.12.05 07:15 DudewithCoolusername [RANT] This game is so hard

I cannot even. Urghh.. I cannot play this game at all.. I think I have a fart for brain. This shit sucks.
I've tried playing with chelsea many times but I'm always at the lower half of the table. Then I tried playing with some lower league teams and idk how to find good players inside the budget because my scouts are trash (or maybe I am the one who is trash). Fuck TT
Help me!
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2021.12.05 07:15 fmb320 My knees hurt quite a bit send good luck please

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2021.12.05 07:15 sdives Will your stats carry over to part 2, part 3 etc? Is it possible for someone to start part 2 and skip part one? has Square talked on this? How will Part 2 work, being a direct/ immediate sequel that it is? BTW I have tons of questions here. Anyone know how this will work? thx

I just started part 1 today for ps5, Its great I haven't played the original since 1999, and I still have it
Same as title other points to consider-
1-What if someone ( not me as I am playing part 1) starts on Part 2 and not finished part 1 ? or is it impossible for someone to do that, and part 2 can only be done by players that completed part 1?
2-If bought physical part 2 game, would it not be playable at all if the person never played part1 ? just an error message? I can see idiots buying part 2 to start and cant play it unless they did Part 1
3- if your stats carry over to part 2, then are you overmatched for all early enemies in part 2?would stats and items carry over?
4- If stats and materia DON'T carry over, then whats the point of maxing them out on part 1
5- Yes its a game, but how can one explain starting Part 2 and having NOTHING carry over and also be a of part 1? so the party suddenly for no reason lose all items materia everything?
6- I just got the Ifrit Matria from Jessie. If NOTHING carries over to part 2 , then I will lose Ifrit Materia when starting Part 2?
-If someone starts Part 2 without done Part 1 are they then at a disadvantage from those of us that did part one and going in missing important things in the game
-Let me reiterate one thing, I can see idiots or total FF beginners buying Part 2 on its marketing and somehow think they don't need Part 1, then find out having not done part 1, get pissed off and feel obligated to buy part 1
It's not like Lord of the rings where you can watch the second movie, then go back and watch the first movie easily, games aren't like that
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2021.12.05 07:15 jiyannareeka 211204 Wonyoung 'ELEVEN' Fancam @ Show! Music Core

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2021.12.05 07:15 RoligaKian IM JOINING THE GREAT MEME WAR OF 2021!!!

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2021.12.05 07:15 runnersgo When you tell your boss about something bad at work, with evidence and when it is clear you have done your part ...

You need to discuss with them
You need to think more
You are argumentative
You are defensive
You need to improve
You are the one at fault

Jesus ...
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