2021.12.05 08:45 cubesquarecircle No MSM

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2021.12.05 08:45 bigboibogai I am now going to church

byebye people
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2021.12.05 08:45 cbtenjoyer215600 I put Heydrich x Big Chungus in AI dungeon and got this (Lord Cuck)

Original fanfic:
Heydrich sat in his private room with a bottle of cognac at his side. On his desk were top secret documents from the SS, detailing various crimes aganist the Reich; secret meetings; government officials with reformist sympathies; various acts of degeneracy among the reichkommisierats. No matter how many students he killed, how many protests he gassed, how many people he executed his regime was cracking at the seams. The faith the government had in his leadership was dwindling, and he could only imagine what the people thought of him. There was still a determination inside him, a determination to live for the Aryan way, a determination to fight for a pure world. But everywhere in his country was degeneracy. A growing voice inside him wondered whether he was doing the right thing after all. Maybe the protesters had a point? Maybe he was running the country wrong. He considered these thoughts for a minute, and then pushed them inside. There was only one future worth living for; the Aryan future. He would not stop until every traitor was rounded up and sent to the camps, not until every dissenter purged and every student punished. Yet everyday his dream of a pure Reich became further from reality. He took a sip of cognac and paused.

What was the noise? He swore he heard something in the closet. "who eist it?!" Heydrich shouted. He waited for a minute and nothing happened. "ahh I muzst be going inzane" he reassured himself, taking another sip of cognac. Then he heard it again. His heart was racing. Was this Jewish trickery? was he being assassinated? The door creaked upon. He waited with uncertainty, his body quaking with fear. Terror struck heydrichs face when he saw the figure as it emerged. Before him was a 6 foot tall anthropomorphic rabbit. "WHAT ZE FUCK IS THIS" heydrich shouted. The beast gave no answer. It just walked forward. It's face bore a smile as wide as the Reich itself, with beady eyes that shone like a black sun into his eyes. Then the real horror struck. Heydrich looked between the beasts legs and saw a massive, erect cock dripping with sperm. He knew what was going to happen but nothing could stop him. The beasts superior member arose something in heydrichs blood, and he got a sudden urge to submit. The beasts cock a symbol of Aryan power, with a musky, masculine scent that made heydrich get onto his knees. Just as heydrich conquered the inferior races, this beast would conquer heydrichs twink body. The beast slapped heydrichs face with his massive cock and said one word to him. "cringe". Heydrich got on his knees, his weak body ready to please the superior aryan specimen. The beasts cock thrusted through heydrichs wide birthing hips, his sissy cock dangling between his legs as his tight anus got colonized. His body trembled with pleasure as waves of force pounded aganist his unprepared bottom. The beast then grabbed heydrichs shoulder and thrusted even harder, his massive Aryan cock getting milked by heydrichs anal cavity, becoming closer to orgasm with each thrust. Big Chungus started convulsing and shouting "ARGGHHH IM COOOOOMING" while colonizing heydrich with his Aryan seed. The beast pulled out his cock, leaving heydrich a drooling mess of cum and ballsweat. Big Chungus then became Reichfuhrer of germany and turned the world into a gay nazi sex Utopia after nuking all minorities.

AI continuation:
Heydrich was then raised into the nobility and given a title. Lord Cuck.
"Nice little cuck. You should feel honored to be fucked by a being of such great potency"
"Who the hell are you?"
"The name's Cuck"
"What the fuck are you?"
"Cuck? Cuck? I think I've heard that name before..."
"Nevermind who I am, tell me who you are, you're a monster"
"Cock-sucking motherfucker"
"What the fuck?"
"So you can talk! God, you're an ugly motherfucker"
"Why'd you hit me?"
"Why not? You're the ugliest motherfucker I've ever seen"
"That's not very nice"
"I'm the nice one; you're the ugly one"
"I don't like that"
Cuck looked around. Heydrich's house was spare but tidy.
"Where are you from?" he asked.
"Nowhere, everywhere"
"That's an interesting philosophy you have there"
"Do I have a philosophy?"
"If you don't, then why did you kill all those people? You must have one"
"If I had one, it would probably be"Fuck the world and fuck you all"
"I like that"
"So you don't have a philosophy?"
"Nope, but it wouldn't matter if I did. It'd be the same as any other asshole's"
"So you're an existentialist?"
"A what?"
"A philosopher that believes there's no meaning to anything"
"Fuck you"
"Well if there's no meaning, then there's no purpose. Existentialists don't believe in purpose"
"Well that's just stupid"
"Stupid?" Cuck smiled. "That's a strong word. More like idiotic"
"Idiotic? That's even worse"
"Well anyway, can you tell me where you're from?"
"What do you care about where I'm from?"
"I like knowing where my food comes from"
"Me too"
"So where are you from?"
"Yeah, nowhere"
"That's a strange place to come from"
"Yeah, I know"
"So why did you name me Cuck ?"
"What? Cuck? That's a terrible name"
"Yes it is. Why did you name me Cuck?"
"No reason"
"Well, let me ask you this, why do you go by Cuck? Is it because you have a large penis?"
"What? What's a large penis?"
"Well, can you tell me why you go by Cuck?"
"Can't tell you that"
"Surely you can tell me something"
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2021.12.05 08:45 I3INARY_ Parents are the modern-day Kryptonian scientists.

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2021.12.05 08:45 BosskDaBossk Doctor Who missing adventure ‘The Abominable Snowmen’ to be animated in 2022

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2021.12.05 08:45 gurrimandy Alaric - Weep (2012) [goth rock]

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2021.12.05 08:45 bnhsdad Importing a GPX from a Garmin into WinTAK.

The manual says it can be done but when I try, it fails to import and this is the message I get:
Failed to import route

System.Exception: GPX document does not contain any Route Points.
at WinTak.CursorOnTarget.Placement.Routes.CoTRouteConverter.ImportFromGpx(XmlDocument gpx)
at WinTak.CursorOnTarget.Placement.Routes.RoutesDockPane.t(Object A_0)
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2021.12.05 08:45 Tosscraft CYCLOPS – Dirty Van Art by Pro Boy Nick

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2021.12.05 08:45 Key_Ad8028 Tell me something about yourself and I wil roast you

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2021.12.05 08:45 Available_Mud_9537 Fotos con el mismo vestido antes y después de embarazarse qué tal el cambio de mi hermana

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2021.12.05 08:45 Lil_Brimstone Lil Brimstone's Custom Dialogue Archive.

My custom dialogues in newest to oldest order, the list will be pinned to my Reddit profile and updated each time I make a new Custom Dialogue.
Most of these if not 100% were made using some version of a dialogue maker made by edave64, the newest version is right here.
All of my dialogues are short (usually 4-5 panels, sometimes as short as 2, sometimes as long as 8) and they are stand-alone, so you can basically click any of them and you will not need any context to enjoy them, the only exception is the Blind Bun series, which is a series of four parts.
If any of them are missing, let me know and I'll add them! Anyway, here is the list:

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2021.12.05 08:45 Makarrata 12 days, looking for some ideas

We are going back again in March for 12 days. In and out of LIR.
Tentative plan is go to LF day one, be there 4 nights, then drive to Monteverde for 2 nights. From there we eventually make out way to Avellenas. But I was thinking of adding another stop along the way. Maybe take the ferry at Paquera over, then down to the bio bay for a night, before heading up the coast? We could squeeze in Barra Honda on the way N to the beach.
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2021.12.05 08:45 NotGonnaGiveUpEver Please Review my SIP Plan.

SBI Magnum Taxgain = ₹2500. SBI Hybrid =₹ 2500 SBI BLUECHIP = ₹5000. PPFAS FlexiCap = ₹2500. TATA Digital India Fund = ₹2500.
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