Need help finding wireless closed back's for tarkov

2021.12.05 08:50 RAB_EFT Need help finding wireless closed back's for tarkov

I'd like to spend 300 dollars on some good wireless headphones that are closed back, the problem is im an idiot and cant actually find anything, i am not too hard on my headphones but i use them every single day for 12 - 14 hours a day until they break and i have to get a new pair, i primarily play Escape from tarkov so i need something that lets me pinpoint the exact location of a fly on a cows ass from 350M away, and i mostly listen to J-Pop (Ado), i do not care much about balance as long as the headphones are good and the current headphones im using are Sennheiser RS 165 RF, the comfort and sound quality are excellent but they do not have surround sound and i dont like that
Also i dont know how the thank you system works lmao
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2021.12.05 08:50 ForgottenWally Very confused abt my typing after taking sakinorva (explanation in comments)

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2021.12.05 08:50 Poseidon8264 What if the nationalists won against the communists in China and they are strongly anti-soviet, where they tell the US to join north Vietnam and influence a change in government there? How would this affect the world and what would happen in Korea?

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2021.12.05 08:50 Arnadus ⚠[PORTO] ⬆ FC Porto Fan Token +18.17% in 1 hour.+39.03% in 24 hours . Volume +55.66% in 1 hour

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2021.12.05 08:49 Think-Focus Does anyone want any purple and blue hyacinths? I have 10 of each.

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2021.12.05 08:49 SuperAlloyBerserker State 2 songs that describe how random/varied your music taste is. What's your music taste like?

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2021.12.05 08:49 bitcoinDKbear /r/Denmark er et hyggeligt sted /s
Min kommentar fik mere end hundrede ned-dutter, hvilet er en faktastik bruger interaktion.
Men svaret er omkring 1400 - hvilket er meget stort i forhold til andre vacciner.
Alt der ikke er med i den statsautoriserede folkefortælling er forkert og forbudt på /Denmark.
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2021.12.05 08:49 fuckmemomy jordindian memes are superior to any other

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2021.12.05 08:49 PuzzleheadedBath9030 Do I have the right to police other people’s language as a white person?

I’m a white 30yo woman and a 20yo white man at my company keeps saying “wagwan” as a greeting at work. He’s a big fan of hip hop and rap music but as he’s a white person from a northern city in the UK it doesn’t sit right with me. Do I have the right to call him out on this? As far as I know he doesn’t have any ties to Jamaica or the Jamaican diaspora.
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2021.12.05 08:49 b_throwaway_1234786 What do I use to create a website for my future Services company? Online tool or host in cloud myself?

Getting started with the journey of creating an LLC and a website is part of my checklist. What tools are out there to create a professional website for a services company?
I know of
My requirements:
• Professional business website with lists services/ information about the company etc - fairly static
• No e-commerce integration planned as of now
• Maybe will need to integrate with a CRM
• Ability to modify design without being locked in
• Contact forms etc
Although I understand that these tools would accelerate the creation of the website, I’m a little skeptical about the ability to customize it as the journey progresses.
Would it be a better idea to buy a professional website template and host it on Amazon AWS/ MS Azure in terms of maintenance in the long term? My previous experience with GoDaddy kinda makes me want to avoid them going forward.
I have experience with this sort of hosting, but been out of touch for a while.
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2021.12.05 08:49 Trinsic72 Pokémon Spectral Dream [Trailer]

Hey guys thanks for all the support over the year of this projects development!!!
It all began here over a year ago when I posted a couple of maps I had developed and now I can finally say we have our first official trailer!!! Thanks again to everyone who has supported this project and to those who took the time to help me thank you so much!!!
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2021.12.05 08:49 BEEEF_HORSE Any news about hapis?

When is it coming back?
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2021.12.05 08:49 Stanz_Bot For more people who stan Stanz <3

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2021.12.05 08:49 MrStealYourToes Haven't Played Since Crimson Heist, I'm a Little Overwhelmed

Can someone just give me the run-down on the new operators and big changes to either mechanics, maps or operators. Just want to know what to expect, cheers
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2021.12.05 08:49 tarun2619 Inspired by a match thread comment. Cum on Ass

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2021.12.05 08:49 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Politics] - KwaZulu-Natal is officially in its fourth wave of Covid-19 infections | IOL

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2021.12.05 08:49 Wend424 Tv news

I was always affected by the tv news, not only in this pandemic times, always in my life.
My family was used to watch them during the lunch, the dinner, even breakfast sometimes... The are addicted to them... Like hipnotized and used to love yelling at the screen to protest if they dont like what they hear.
I had a hard time not being able to wake up from the table until the end of the meal, and yet not realizing how much was affecting me.
The way it made me to see the world outside.... It was a damage. A wound I heal everyday by believeing in me and trying to be around people or in contact with those who create good energy in me.
And of course by not exposing myself anymore to news.... Aocial media it is the new s&it tube of news
If something is really important. Somebody will tell me.
P. S. Somebody know hiw ti turn off the news feeds in reddit i see when i want to search something?
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2021.12.05 08:49 Josuervo47 Am I Alone In This????

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2021.12.05 08:49 iyed_zammeli Suggestions for a country to immigrate to as a Developer

Hello, I'm looking for informations about the easiest country to immigrate to as a Developer from Tunisia and what is the procedure!
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2021.12.05 08:49 Ordinary-Cat-7447 My freind got banned for no reason

A few weeks ago my friend got banned for no reason on Apex, and hes tried contacting EA about it, but didnt find any help. Is there any tips you guys have? Somehting he can try to do maybe?
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2021.12.05 08:49 Delicious_Designer10 What is the best Batch for Yeezy 350 zebra’s?

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2021.12.05 08:49 JihooMoon I don't understand something about the "string library"

import string def is_valid(): password = input("What is your desired password") password_set = set(password) special_chars = '!*,.<>?/{[}}+=_-)($#@!~' 
in_special_chars = False for char in password: if char in special_chars: in_special_chars = True
if len(password) > 8 and all(password_set & chars for chars in [string.ascii_lowercase, string.ascii_uppercase, string.digits, string.punctuation]): 
print('this is a strong password') else: print("This is not a strong password")
I don't understand this part:
and all(password_set & chars for chars in [string.ascii_lowercase, string.ascii_uppercase, string.digits, string.punctuation]) 
what does 'all mean' and how does 'for chars in []' work.

I also don't understand what 'set' does, but I'm reading up on it rn, but if you have a decent explanation for it please tell.
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2021.12.05 08:49 -roarnation Where Fleet?

Maybe drop this low effort here
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2021.12.05 08:49 Ok_Reference4945 Walmartone?

Is anyone having trouble doing anything on the new walmart one?
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2021.12.05 08:49 Big_Purpose839 Aggron 1616 0320 7269

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