Just a picture of two toys

2022.01.18 06:26 Abhijith_Ac Just a picture of two toys

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2022.01.18 06:26 andreriechert Google Display Ads campaign with placements and keywyords

Hey PCC,
I've already created a post on Google Ads Help (in German tho) and received no answer so far, so maybe someone here can help :-)
So, I've created an display ads campaign. In the campagin I've included different keywords so my display ads will show on websites with content related to my keywords/niche. Now I've learnd that there are websites with low quality content and some with higher quality (like newspapers etc.). When I adjust the max CPC to a higher bid, this will result in a lot of low quality clicks I don't want to have. But when the max CPC bid is too low, I won't get the clicks I want from the more quality websites.
I've now added the websites I want to adjust the CPC individually as placements to the campaign. But I also want to get impressions/clicks in the broad area of related sites with no individual bid. I've see on Google Ads Help „How placements and keywords work togehter“ that there is an setting for this case. But I can't find it or get it to work.
On the article it says:

To show your ads on any variety of sites that match your keywords and only bid higher when your placements and keyword targeting overlap, your can choose "Bid only" before saving your placement targeting. Unlike the option above, choosing "Bid only" allows your ad to show on all placements that match your keyword targeting, but you set a certain bid for a specific placement.
I've found no place where I could adjust my placements settings (Google Ads Editor / Web). What I've tried is to change my adgroup "Display Network custom bid type" to placements and under "Targeting settings" to Placements -> Targeting and all other to Obversation. But now my ads are only getting impressions for the placemnts I've in the campagin related to the keywords I've added, but not for all the other related websites to my keywyords I haven't included as separate placements. When I change "Display Network custom bid type" to keywords, I can't have any indivudal bids for my placements.
Does anyone know how to adjust my campaign to reach intention?
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2022.01.18 06:26 HealthyAd8481 floryn or angela??

well ik most of u will say angela...i played with angela in classic it was so easy to play and i got pretty good results...but problem is i dont really enjoy with her i feel if buy floryn i will have more fun... so plz tell me about ur experiences
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2022.01.18 06:26 comics0026 Pokémon Inspired Weapons & Items, 817 - Drizzile

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2022.01.18 06:26 volfan1983xxx The Beautiful but Weird Ferrari F80/C

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2022.01.18 06:26 Raoul_Fluke I think I just smoked my last cigarette. I’m really scared

Was sitting in my car smoking a cigarette, and coughed up something really weird. A reddish kind of phlegm. I’m 27. That’s it. I know I should probably go to a doctor. If I can’t handle the cravings I’ll hit my iqos but I’m never smoking a cigarette again.
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2022.01.18 06:26 tr4nl0v232377 Recommended UPC for safety?

I'm looking into UPS for a works station. Sorry if this is the wrong sub, but technically it's tech, so please point me in the right direction. I'm considering getting a APC UPS Back BX700UI 230V 45 dB - it's just a fail-safe in case the power goes out. I had issues before with my project - power went out mid-saving and the file got corrupted. It happened only once years and years ago, but better safe than sorry. I wanted to have an option to save and safely shut down the workstation. Is it a good choice?
I'm not from the US and my budget is around 125 € - I've read that it is enough for a good one, the APC ones were recommended, but I wanted to check out any opinions by real people not marketing folk that usually write online articles as I've enountered some crucial details that get omitted - one customer wrote that their UPS (different brand, NOT APC) stinks and is loud af and I have a hard time finding similar comments about APC.
If you could recommend me also some cheap buzz-free speakers that are good for watching movies (especially the quiet ones that need boosting beyond basic PC capability) then it would be great! Budget: 25 € I just need something to watch movies that won't buzz when idle.
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2022.01.18 06:26 GianniRivera10 The 5,000 spectator limit is considered not convincing, Italian football is moving towards a return to the 50% allowance from February on

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2022.01.18 06:26 Stephen_Doopster LF December’s Dream Coat

Payin’ 25-30k for it
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2022.01.18 06:26 Away_Mathematician_2 Zu wessen Freundin/bekannte soll ich wichsen?

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2022.01.18 06:26 Easy_Palpitation779 I like makeing charts and guides, I'm looking for inspiration or ideas for a cooking chart/guide?

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2022.01.18 06:26 CookedPeaches Mercy Health Muskegon workers demand better conditions

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2022.01.18 06:26 evekozi Good morning everyone :))

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2022.01.18 06:26 alpacahideout Dating/Socializing with bipolar

Recently, I was rejected by a guy who initially asked me out first but we mutually agreed that we are no longer interested in each other. It was mutual but also still hurt a little. I'll be fine in a few days. This isn't my first. I'm just glad that we didn't see each other for too long. Otherwise, this healing process would take a few weeks than a few days.
I wasn't interested in him because he showed red flags that are against my morals. He still had great traits but it didn't outweigh the red flags. But, I was also hesitant due to my bipolar and how quiet I am, and how my meds block my creative flow to spark conversations as I used to when I'm off meds. It feels that my creative flow in conversations works really well when it's late at night in my room and online. When I'm outside and I feel at peace, I'm super quiet.
To the people with bipolar who managed to crack the social code in being a great conversationalist, what are your tips in conversation in making friends and dating? What were you like before? What was the turning point that lead you to click with others so well?
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2022.01.18 06:26 Mountain_Bluebird_39 Will I be able to get the quasigriff mount this next event?

Please say yes lol
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2022.01.18 06:26 QuoVadis100 How to handle corruption?

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2022.01.18 06:26 shanabailey Wltoys 124018 RTR RC Car 2200mAh [EU] for 94.26 USD with coupon (Best price in history: $96.75) [EUROPE]

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Image: https://i.imgur.com/0qhAmFZ.jpg
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2022.01.18 06:26 EleonorTrimpe SYN CITY Reveals Token Auction via Copper Launch with Support from Merit Circle and GuildFi

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2022.01.18 06:26 smartybrome Best of Copywriting & SEO: Content, Copywriting & SEO Course

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2022.01.18 06:26 RemiBeaucoup How does Villa avoid going down the same track as Everton.

Note that I’m not asking ‘Will Villa end up going down the same track as Everton?’. To me that’s an inflammatory and not a very useful or conducive question. That said, it is a thought I have. Given how competitive the Premier League is, and how much some teams have thrown money at recruitment only to experience poor returns, I wonder how, and what Villa (and its supporters) can continue to do to build ourselves into a exciting and successful project.
The flaws in Everton’s management are obvious, however I could see Villa making similar mistakes if we weren’t careful, and specific in our approach.
Keen to hear thoughts.
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2022.01.18 06:26 soysssauce Can anyone ELI5 to me how to use save rune and load rune function?

Save rune is saving all current runes, when and why do you want to do that?
I can see saving run for individual monsters and load it but I don't understand what's the purpose of saving all monsters, can anyone help?
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2022.01.18 06:26 Hentaiartist69019238 Queen azshara is my personal favourite. I’m in love with this card lol

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2022.01.18 06:26 mettaforall Touching the Energy of the Bodhisattvas - Dharma Talk given by Thich Nhat Hanh on December 21, 1997

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2022.01.18 06:26 AdFeisty8660 Ancheta educatoarei din Suceava care a agresat sexual trei fetițe a pornit de la coșmarurile uneia dintre ele

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2022.01.18 06:26 armedlethalexec At least the new update fixed my ping..

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