What you think of Alduin’s home so far?

2022.01.18 08:17 VannyRose1987 What you think of Alduin’s home so far?

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2022.01.18 08:17 dbestofficial Scarlet Galaxy (pt. 10) - DLYAN

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2022.01.18 08:17 Randor01 I think people many often misinterpret Pokémon Black and White's story

Maybe it's just me, but back when i started coming back to the series and i focused my interest the 5th gen, i often saw a despute between detractors and fans of those games on the same common element: Team Plasma.
The fans thought it was a very interesting thing that Game Freak made a evil team that challenged and questioned what were, basically, the pillars of the entire pokémon world: the relationship between humans and pokémon. Detractors, instead, thought of it as a very poor attempt to do that, as the team, outside of N, is too cartoonishly evil to make their accusations on how humans treat pokémon hold any water, and that Ghetsis reveal at the end was an asspull to make the team immediately wrong. To me, since when i played the games, always seemed obvious that it never was Game Freak's intention to try to make a morally grey team. It's made pretty obvious from the beginning that Team Plasma is simply Ghetis's 3D chess scheme for trying to guilt trip Unova in freeing their pokémon, so that he can easily conquer the region without any opposing force. It's basically the quivalent of outlawing self defense for the entire population, except a small elite that can take advantage of it. So much so that half of Team Plasma is on it on their true plans, while the other half is made of people who actually believed Ghetsis's words on how Pokémon are hindered by their bond with humans. In this plan, N is the perfect pawn: he was groomed since childhood into believing that humans are cruel to pokémon, and that his destiny is to save them by befriending the legendary pokémon and becoming the new Champion. A face front authorital figure that actually believes the team's lies, and has the tools to and means to help them in their cause, while aided by the true mastermind behind the scenes.

Ghetis made only one misplan in all of this, caused by his own view of pokémon as mere animals: he didn't consider the possibility that, by letting N travel the region by himself, he would come to contact with how humans actually treat pokémon for the most part, and realize that the foundations of his beliefs was an outright fabrication.
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2022.01.18 08:17 nf_highlights Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot : All Possessions (2022-01-15)

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2022.01.18 08:17 rubenreji36 I like this

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2022.01.18 08:17 Gr4velord New Year, New Chair, New relaxing experience! Thanks #Secretlab for a great product! Best wishes to all!

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2022.01.18 08:17 Obewyn How to make cybersecurity a priority for the board

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2022.01.18 08:17 woxeaz (A4A) Searching For A Roleplay Partner

Hey,I'm currently searching for someone to roleplay with,I can play any character,male or female,dominant or submissive and anywhere between the extremes,I have no limits and enjoy weird and unorthodox scenarios
I have some ideas in mind or you can bring your own,I'm pretty flexible so we can work something out
My Kik username is on my profile,slip me a message if you're interested
Hope to hear from you soon!
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2022.01.18 08:17 Longjumping_Bit_8079 Good morning fellow DWAC’ers.

Welcome to anybody new. Nasdaq futures -1.9% and DWAC positive. That’s not new. We need to see break of 74.47. Sometime next day or two to keep momentum and start next leg up to 77.5 where it will take off. Hold the line we’re still early. Breaking out of bull flag on daily. Shorts going to have to start taking risk off table. High volume day and it explodes.
HODL with me🤝💎🙌
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2022.01.18 08:17 nivh_de Cum-Ex und Christian Lindner

Da das Thema noch nicht so heiß war (in meiner filterblase):
Was meint ihr, wird Christian cum-ex beenden?
Wir dürfen dabei nicht vergessen dass das Gesamte Problem salopp gesagt darin besteht, das man hier Aktien besitzen kann ohne sie zu bezahlen. Wenn man das ändert ist cum-ex vorbei.
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2022.01.18 08:17 DerDrachey My Nintendo switch pro controller doesn't work with my Redmi note 10 5G.

When I connect it, it just blinks and the phone doesn't take inputs from it. I've searched everywhere and couldn't find anything about this. Only articles about how it works, and not why it doesn't.
And I've been letting it blink for literally 2 hours now, so it's not a time thing.
I have also tried looking through the settings and couldn't find anything there.
Thx in advance.
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2022.01.18 08:17 Aguilar17x Drivers in San Antonio would yall take this? 🤣🤣🤣

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2022.01.18 08:17 VERMOUTH021 dhaharli may3rfouch m3kky..😂😂😂😂

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2022.01.18 08:17 Friendly-Moment8890 Exam Writing Service UK - Take My Exam For me

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2022.01.18 08:17 Frosty-Adhesiveness Australians protest IVF “ban” enacted under COVID-19 measures, call infertility a “pandemic”

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2022.01.18 08:17 nf_highlights Lou Williams 7 PTS: All Possessions (2022-01-15)

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2022.01.18 08:17 Jumpy_Creme_7680 The Power Of Prayer

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2022.01.18 08:17 Obewyn Ab Stealer Web Panel Cross Site Scripting – Torchsec

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I meet all symptoms of OCPD and I also have OCD. I just wonder how many of you have that kind of thing? I think needing perfection or fear of something causes this. Usually, when something is wrong in my life I can describe it very well with using science or psychology. But I never understand why Im dying for knowing every detail on any plan. Let me give an example. Lets say I want to learn a skill. I'm literally dying for to know every detail of the process. I want to know things that only learnable in the process. For instance, if it would takes one year or so, I want to know what I need to in month 9 with perfect details. If I know that (which is impossible), then I want to know how to execute perfectly. Since I realize this is not the right approach, I kinda manage it but man this shit become my natural thinking framework. I thought first I have ADHD but my memory is insanely great and have insane ability of attention to details. Right know, Im dying for to know what is this...
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2022.01.18 08:17 nf_highlights Ben McLemore 10 PTS: All Possessions (2022-01-15)

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2022.01.18 08:17 g234d5 Why do people shave their cats?

I keep seeing pictures in cat groups with shaved cats and can't understand why. Of course, I get it if it's for a surgery, the cat needs meds applied directly to skin, or some other medical reason. Other than that, why?
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2022.01.18 08:17 VintageThrilla Prometric canceled my exam

Today was supposed to be my day one of the exam but I woke up this morning to a cancelation message from the prometric. How common is this? It never happened to me before and I'm disheartened that they waited till the day of the exam to tell me they canceled.
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2022.01.18 08:17 Jord-Stan Tenile Dashwood

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2022.01.18 08:17 Obewyn Rolls-Royce brings mini nuclear power plant technology to World Future Energy Summit

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2022.01.18 08:17 slynch6020 Skiing Holiday Europe Advice

My family and I are hoping to go skiing next Christmas at the end of Decembe beginning of January. All the 'kids' are adults now and are really into skiing which is why our parents want to take us for one of our last proper family holidays altogether (brother getting married, others moving away etc.). We used to go a bit when we were quite young but stopped going as my parents weren't massively into it which is why I want to try and choose a great resort that they would enjoy.
So, what I am looking for is:
-lots of slopes for different levels (a few of us would be intermediate-quite good however my mum has a deathly fear of heights and going quick so probably would only be interested in green/blue slopes if she decides to ski much at all)
-(nearly) guaranteed snow at this time of year
-not absolutely packed and waiting for chairlifts for ages
-good apres ski for us younger kids but not a party ski resort like VT or Tignes, just somewhere fun to go for a few drinks or a few fun bars in the town
-not too expensive or flashy of a resort
-maybe some other activities for my mum such as cross-country skiing or nice walks if she doesn't want to ski (although she'd be happy enough going to a spa or staying at the chalet too)
-somewhere we can rent a nice big chalet for a group of 13+ thats not too expensive*
*side note: is airbnb the best place to find a chalet or should i look on chalet sites (looking for non-catered one)
-somewhere you don't have to drive to the skiing area, and that everything is available in the town.
-and finally this one doesn't really matter but it would be nice if it was a french speaking resort as a lot of us speak french

Sorry if this is quite a long post.
Places I have been looking at but not sure about;
-Are, Sweden; not enough nightlife maybe
-Chamonix; maybe too advanced for my mum (as lots of off-piste) and you may have to drive to a lot of skiing areas
-Morzine; been a few times and think its perfect just having trouble finding a chalet within our budget atm as lots of places booked up

Thanks for your help in advance!
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