For those that find themselves skilled with CAF creations based on real fighters not included in EA UFC

2022.01.18 07:34 mnrk00 For those that find themselves skilled with CAF creations based on real fighters not included in EA UFC

So I know some of you in here are incredible at making CAFs that look pretty close to the actual fighter. Someone make me the best Brian Kelleher you can and I return I will give you the most incredible EA UFC Kelleher highlight reel you could imagine πŸ˜‚
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2022.01.18 07:34 AutomaticBasket8 Bnb faucet do they exist?

I was wondering if there any BNB faucet that works ? i have some CMC airdrops that requires gas fee of 20 cents or so and some other small cryptos that i would like to withdraw
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2022.01.18 07:34 dr-notes Allergy Nelson Board Certificate Free Download

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2022.01.18 07:34 rbrucesp GADTS Lambda Calculus Type Variables

i wrote a typechecker for the simply typed lambda calculus and used GADTS to check for my own errors:

eqTy :: Ty' u -> Ty' v -> Maybe (u :~: v) eqTy TyBool' TyBool' = Just Refl eqTy (TyArr' u1 u2) (TyArr' v1 v2) = do Refl <- eqTy u1 v1 Refl <- eqTy u2 v2 return Refl eqTy _ _ = Nothing data Ty' :: * -> * where TyBool' ::Ty' Bool TyArr' ::Ty' a -> Ty' b -> Ty' (a->b) data HideTy' where HideTy' ::Ty' a -> HideTy' data UnnamedTerm = VarU Int | AppU UnnamedTerm UnnamedTerm | LambdaU HideTy' UnnamedTerm | TrueU | FalseU | IfU UnnamedTerm UnnamedTerm UnnamedTerm data FExp e a where Con ::a -> FExp e a AppT ::FExp e ( a -> b) -> FExp e a -> FExp e b LamT ::FExp ( a, e)b -> FExp e ( a -> b) VarT ::Nat e a -> FExp e a IfT ::FExp e Bool -> FExp e a -> FExp e a -> FExp e a data Nat e a where Zero ::Nat (a, b) a Succ ::Nat e a -> Nat (b, e) a data UnknowDB e where HideDB ::Ty' a -> Nat e a -> UnknowDB e data RuntimeContext e where New ::RuntimeContext () Wrap ::Ty' a -> RuntimeContext e ->RuntimeContext ( a,e) convertDB :: Int -> RuntimeContext e -> Maybe (UnknowDB e) convertDB 0 (Wrap ty1 env) = return $ HideDB ty1 Zero--(zero'' ty1) convertDB n New = Nothing --throwError "empty Context" convertDB n (Wrap ty1 env) = do recRes <- convertDB (n - 1) env case recRes of HideDB ty' recRes' -> return $ HideDB ty' $ Succ recRes' data UnknowFexp e where HideFexp ::Ty' a-> FExp e a -> UnknowFexp e convert :: RuntimeContext e -> UnnamedTerm -> Maybe (UnknowFexp e) convert context TrueU = return $ HideFexp TyBool' $ Con True convert context FalseU = return $ HideFexp TyBool' $ Con False convert context (VarU n) = do HideDB ty dbn <- convertDB n context return $ HideFexp ty $ VarT dbn convert context (AppU t1 t2) = do HideFexp (TyArr' ty1' ty2') fexp1 <- convert context t1 HideFexp ty2 fexp2 <- convert context t2 Refl <- eqTy ty1' ty2 return (HideFexp ty2' (AppT fexp1 fexp2)) convert context (LambdaU (HideTy' ty1) t) = do HideFexp ty2 fexp1 <- convert (Wrap ty1 context) t return $ HideFexp (TyArr' ty1 ty2) (LamT fexp1) convert context (IfU b t f) = do HideFexp TyBool' cb <- convert context b HideFexp tyTrue ct <- convert context t HideFexp tyFalse cf <- convert context f Refl <- eqTy tyTrue tyFalse return (HideFexp tyTrue (IfT cb ct cf)) 
My goal is to make polymorphic types possible in this.
But if i extend ty' with TyVar:: String -> Ty a. I cant check for equality anymore. And in type checking algorithms for Hindley-Miner Type-Systems the argument type of a function is not know when checking these node. So the only problem is these line:
Refl <- eqTy ty1' ty2.
An other idea was to give every type variable another type that can be checked for equality
but then its hard to write substitutions for those type variables because they don't have the same type.
Can you please give me hints for that.
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2022.01.18 07:34 Worth_Blackberry_833 Account of an ex incel

Hi just wanted to keep my details confidential so I have created a new account to share my story.
I am an ex-incel. I just wanted a safe space to share my story- how I was about to turn into an incel and how I got out of that. This is also a message to upcoming generations of boys to not go down that horrendous path.
Although I don't expect forgiveness for what I had done I still would request everyone to keep the comments decent as I don't want to get reminded of my traumatic days.
(Trigger Warning: Mention of Rape, SA, Violence, Misogyny)
I was born in 2002 in a small town in India to two professors in English. Them being professors had a great influence on me. I was interested (and still am) interested in academics. I had really good grades (I still have) throughout my entire life. It was a thing I could brag about.
In elementary school, it's not difficult talking to talk to girls. In fact girls liked being with me. However, in middle school we go through a phase where boys and girls start hating each other. Freud calls this "latency period" I remember boys called other boys who had too many girl friends "gay" and the girls also hated the presence of boys. I remember a group of girls drew a hopscotch and wrote beside it "for girls only". I didn't mind it. However according to Freud, hyperfixation at this stage leads to problems in adult sexual life and that's what was going to happen in my puberty.
I was a shy weird and nerdy kid. I had one best friend and I didn't care much about the world. I still remember that we had interest in Pokemon till grade 9. My classmates told me that I should "grow up" and "be mature". It was in grade 9 everything started changing.
I was a physically weak. Right now my height is 5'5" and weigh 47kgs. It was much less back then. Not only did I became a target of bullying but I was sexually assaulted multiple times by my bullies and even raped once. They also harassed me on social media by leaking the personal conversations I had with them. They specifically sent it to girls in my class to humiliate. They also spread lies about me to girls hence ruining my chance with them.
In grade 10, I had two crushes. I never approached them but they soon got into relationship that too with guys from college. That time I wasn't aware of the concept of grooming and the fact that these girls were being the victims here. I thought girls liked older guys more.
I changed my school in grade 11. In my country's Education system we have to choose a field from Science, Commerce and Humanities. I chose humanities because I liked it. Since women in India are discouraged from taking STEM subjects because it's usually regarded as a "Men's field" I had more girls in my class than boys. I was attracted to one of them. She was the daughter of the School's principal.
The bullying was here too. The worst part was that guys 5-6 years younger than me were taller and stronger than me. I often lost to them in a physical fight. It increased my insecurity about my physical features.
I also yearned for a relationship during this period. Worst part was that guys who were worse than me were getting girlfriends and I didn't. These guys barely showered or brushed their teeth, they did drugs, in one incident they almost murdered a guy by beating him with metal rods. They had girlfriends I didn't. I started questioning what was wrong with me.
It was when I came across the concept of Alpha Male. The Alpha male forums said that women like bad boys and not nice guys. I believed it. And I tried to become an alpha male. Although I couldn't harm anyone because there was bit of a conscience left in me. I changed my style to bad boy style. I wore ripped jeans and leather jackets. The characteristic of an alpha male was that he was not "soft". I thus became an emotionless person. I stopped crying because it was "beta". These forums gave me a wrong idea of attracting women and I think I might have engaged in behaviour that creeped women out.
After 1Β½ year I finally asked out that girl in my class. She rejected me and I cried for days. I re-evaluated what was wrong with me. It was when I came across a social media posts where women expressed preference for tall guys with abs. Some of them even mocked short guys. I was furious at those post. I thought to myself "If men judging women by their looks is wrong then why are women allowed to make posts like these" I needed answers.
Usually for answers I went to Quora. There someone had already posted this question. There was a woman who had answered the question. She said that women's worth is associated with their appearance so it's different in case of men. My critical thinking skills weren't working at that moment. I was enraged. I replied to her post that men's worth is also associated with their appearance. If not then why weren't girls noticing me despite my remarkable academic success? While the guys who failed the class had girlfriends. This was my first act of misogyny and I still cannot forgive myself for that.
Ar this point I was an incel. I believed women were shallow who went for bad tall men and feminists were hypocrites for claiming that it's other way round.
Apart from my newly formed views on women I wasn't a right winger. I was a leftist. My family had a huge role in that. My parents were members of Communist student unions during their college days.
In 2019, the RW government of my country passed an Islamophobic law. I protested against the act on social media. During this period I met feminist groups who also wanted the repeal of the act. This time I finally listened to them. I introspected and realised that I was wrong. This started my redemption arc. I deleted my reply on quora. The woman hadn't replied so I assumed that she didn't even see my reply.
Gradually I got over my need to relationship. I went back to being the wierd the weird and nerdy guy. This time I wasn't afraid of who I was. I didn't care what people thought about me. Interestingly I found few friends who thought I was cool for that.
I developed new interests in screenwriting and androgyny. Androgyny was more peaceful for me than masculinity.
I moved out of my small town to a big city. People were more there and accepting. There were people who understood me and had similar interests as me. I was happy.
I still didn't have success with girls but I didn't care. I was rejected once again. I had a breakdown but I was fine after that. That girl is now my best friend and I am happy our relationship is like that.
Sometimes I do get those feelings back. Especially when people tell they had been sexually active or physically intimate in high school. For example, a girl asked about first kiss experience and I jokingly told that the question hurts and she said "everyone has had first kiss in high school". It did hurt me a little. But I got over it. I don't wish to return to that hell.
I recently found someone on Bumble. I'd say that they're the first person who showed interest in me and they like me. Finally I'm dating at the age of 19 although it's long distance because of pandemic.
Message for the upcoming generations
I know it's already long but I need to say this to the upcoming generation of boys.
You will have the feelings of low self-esteem, you will feel lonely and you will get rejected. Women have all the right to reject you. Every girl cannot be attracted to you. Even if you become as handsome as Brad Pitt. Just don't give in to what others want you to be.
Stop watching toxic posts on social media. I suggest avoiding these alpha male and men fashion pages because they are full of toxic masculinity.
Read about feminism and listen to feminist women. I suggest starting with Bell Hooks because she talks about love. I think the problem with Incels is that they have a wrong perception about love.
Love yourself. Enjoy your life. Sex and relationships are just a small part of life and not the only thing so focus on other things that makes you happy.
Finally love is not something you get but something that happens. It happens automatically you never know when you might find it. Don't rush into things. The capitalism has made us rush with our lives. Made us believe that if we don't acquire this at a particular age, we are worthless. But it's not so take your time and don't compare yourself with others.
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2022.01.18 07:34 Jacobiah Cloud textures not loading

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2022.01.18 07:34 dogdays21 booster shot hell

from the title it looks like this is gonna be an advertisement to avoid the covid vaccine, but it is not.
I got my booster yesterday afternoon and its currently 5am and I feel like crap. Fever, intense nausea, arm that i got the shot in can barely move, hurts to move my body in bed, and intense shivering. the works😭
However, I knew this was a possibility especially since I was told I might feel worse since I had covid recently.
I think im just mad bc I work today and I have gotten like 3 hrs of sleep, and I need the money but working in a grocery store lifting heavy things is a no go rn.
Hopefully this doesnt go on Fox News or OAN as a political device /s. Im happy to have received my booster regardless of the side effects, but life sucks atm.
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2022.01.18 07:34 Arnadus Is Bitcoin About To Drop -20%? | Here's How To Prepare

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2022.01.18 07:33 kidneykutter What TV show do family members think are filming them during the reveal scenes?

I can think of several examples including this season in which the American sits down with their family and makes the big reveal that they are dating someone new and are going to visit them in order to get engaged (or are already engaged and bringing them to the States). They are being filmed by a camera crew and presumably have already signed release forms. So I guess there are 2 options:
1) They hide the fact that it's a 90 day show. Hard to imagine they can hide it's TLC. Do they think their dad has a pimple that needs popping? Do they say they are filming a documentary on the lives of divorced men? In any case, in this scenario the surprise is real.
2) They know full well it's a 90 day show. Completely staged, acted, and fake.
Has there been any insight from social media posts or AMAs that shed light on this? Not trying to pick on any family in particular, just am genuinely curious.
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2022.01.18 07:33 CoinjoyAssistant Walmart looking to launch its crypto and NFTs for its Metaverse

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2022.01.18 07:33 AGOTFAN Twenty highest grossing movies worldwide, excluding China gross.

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2022.01.18 07:33 mayureshdhat Woah

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2022.01.18 07:33 shrutedwightscott What happens to the "Lily may" guy, if Arthur antagonize with him? Discussion spoiler

I know that if Arthur greets him and tell him to wait for her, he later marries lily may and regrets it. Anyone antagonized him with Arthur? Does that change the outcome when you meet him as John? Is there any dialogue variation?
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2022.01.18 07:33 nuriodaci Bitcoin exchange OKEx rebranded

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2022.01.18 07:33 Sk__nerd My uncle is a GD creator 😎

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2022.01.18 07:33 somewhatanxiousgenz [@MercedesAMGF1] 18/2/22. Meet the Mercedes-AMG F1 W13 E Performance

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2022.01.18 07:33 Accomplished-Back772 My dog threw up white foam

My Siberian husky mix (2 yrs old) was laying in bed with me tonight and all of a sudden he started heaving, then I took him outside and he threw up this white mucus looking foam.
He’s relaxing now on the couch. I’m worried he may have rabies (albeit he had his first shot last year, 2nd one is due in 5 months). Another thing that’s possible is that when I took him to use the restroom earlier, he may have eaten the grass but that was more than 5-6 hours ago. Another thing he’s done recently is eat his hair and scavenge around to find stuff on the floor to eat. I don’t know, I’m just worried about my pup. Any help would be nice.
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2022.01.18 07:33 tinalucian A free to play, play to earn game

πŸ”₯πŸ”₯#LegendsOfMitra is a #multi-chain strategy defense game that being built on Binance Chain, Klaytn, Cronos, Algorand and Wax. Their beta test will be on the 25th of this month so stay tuned. #Airdrop is still ongoing where we can win up to $30,000 in $MITA. #BeLegendary so we can meet DOKU, he was the army foot soldier and he was now a best in all of the kingdom's history. πŸ—‘πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€
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2022.01.18 07:33 keipii1 Suggestions for a singleplayer survival game?

I’ve been itching to play some kind of survival game on PS5, but even after doing some research I’m still rather undecided. Could you guys give some suggestions and try to sell me on one? Thanks in advance!
What I think I would enjoy:

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2022.01.18 07:33 beaninspirer Thought For The Day

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2022.01.18 07:33 RudeSalmon804 Cool thing to have in your house

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2022.01.18 07:33 megamimo1991 In a perfect world, which jobs do you think should not exist?

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2022.01.18 07:33 PotatoTomato_12 Best Battlefield Legacy Theme?

Simply comment the name you want to vote for, such as if you want to vote for Battlefield 1943, comment "Battlefield 1943". In 24 hours I will try to count each vote.
Video for help:
Battlefield 1942:
Battlefield 2:
Battlefield 2142:
Battlefield Bad Company:
Battlefield 1943:
Battlefield Play4Free:
Battlefield 3:
Battlefield 4:
Battlefield 1:
Battlefield V:
Battlefield 2042:
Extra notes, no harassment, only one vote per person, and may the best theme win :)
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2022.01.18 07:33 nk1605 Anyone else having this bug?

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2022.01.18 07:33 GoatimusMaximonuss Anyone else had this bug? Character has this bug that stops you ADS. Instead he holds the gun by the barrel and when you shoot ADS the gun points to the ceiling LMAOOO. Seriously this is annoying and has happened a few times and last the entire mission πŸ˜’

Anyone else had this bug? Character has this bug that stops you ADS. Instead he holds the gun by the barrel and when you shoot ADS the gun points to the ceiling LMAOOO. Seriously this is annoying and has happened a few times and last the entire mission πŸ˜’ submitted by GoatimusMaximonuss to AliensFireteamElite [link] [comments]